About working with Green Mountain Construction

We interviewed four exceptional contractors and selected Green Mountain Construction to build our new home based on reputation for quality. We did not entertain competitive bidding because work quality and the owner/builder relationship were paramount to us.

Green Mountain Construction (Ian Hublitz) was responsive. Ian always responded to questions professionally and in a timely manner.

Bid package: Green Mountain’s bid package was clear, concise and complete.
Changes in the work: Change orders for additional items were fair and processed efficiently.
Attention to detail: Green Mountain worked extremely well with our designer to resolve and modify any design elements that could be improved as construction progressed.
Quality and supervision of subcontractors: Ian was on-site every day to ensure that the work was being completed as specified. His subcontractors were experienced and took pride in their trades.
Team effort: Ian, our designer, and we worked exceptionally well together to build a well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing home that our neighbors appreciate as much as we do.

In summary: Ian and his collaborators and skilled subcontractors were a pleasure to work with. Our home was completed within budget, ahead of schedule, and with an exceptional level of quality.
Our unique home was shown in Mountain Living Magazine and was awarded an Advanced Sustainable Building Award by Coconino County.
— Lisa and David Actor / Flagstaff


With apologies to Farmers Insurance...”Ian Hublitz knows a thing or two because he has seen a thing or two!” Ian certainly saw far more than a “thing or two” during our remodel in Oak Creek Canyon in 2016-2017! This house was built in the 1940’s and had undergone an estimated six remodels in the last seventy years. Never did Ian or we imagine the construction challenges and unforeseen setbacks we would experience due to numerous unknown structural, plumbing, and electrical problems that plagued this house.

Despite these setbacks, Ian took each in stride and we quickly learned what a pro he is and what a pleasure he is to work with. During this eight month process we lived in Northwest Colorado and only visited the job site five times! If that doesn’t speak volumes to Ian’s ability to manage a project, his professionalism, and the confidence we had in him and his team of very talented workers, suppliers, and sub-contractors, I don’t know what does!

Susan in his office is a pleasure to work with. She has forgotten more about Construction Law than I will ever know! Early on, she clarified with professionalism and patience the many questions we had about Green Mountain Construction Agreements and Documents. Due to the complexities and unforeseen challenges of this remodel, to my surprise, not once in the eight months did I feel compelled or feel the need to refer to any of our Signed Agreements or Documents.

Did our remodel come in on time and under budget? In a word, no. But knowing the number if unforeseen setbacks we experienced (see above), one could have never predicted the additional time and expense during the bidding process. But through it all, Ian was a professional. Maybe a frustrated professional, but a professional nonetheless and always fair and quick to offer the least one and often multiple alternative solutions to these setbacks and challenges. And unlike most contractors, Ian has a wonderful eye for design and architecture. A rare quality in the construction business!

From demo to framing to drywall to electrician to finish carpenter to cabinet maker, we are convinced Green Mountain Construction employs the very best workers and contracts with the best subs and suppliers in all of Northern Arizona. That does not just happen. Ask and you will find all of Ian’s workers, subs, and suppliers prefer to work with him (not for him) and the finished product shows it! This 70 year old house has become a beautiful arts and crafts style home that we will enjoy for years to come. thanks to Ian Hublitz.
— Jan and W.M. Salcup / Sedona

It is our great pleasure to write this testimonial for Ian Hublitz and Green Mountain Construction. From start to finish, our construction project went more smoothly then we could have possibly hoped.

To give a little more detail:
Bid Process - We received three bids for our project from three excellent contractors, but we found that the Green Mountain bid was the most detailed and most thoroughly presented. It was a cost-plus bid, and it turned out to be very, very close to our final costs at the end of the project. In fact, the project was brought in under budget.

Project Management - We cannot stress enough how pleased we were with Ian’s management of our project. He was hands on and thoroughly on top of everything.

Cost Management - This was completely transparent, with the books always open. The pay app’s were thorough , and Ian went over every item with us. In addition, he was always looking to do things in a cost efficient manner and made numerous suggestions for alternatives that not only kept costs down, but made for a better final product.

Workers and Subs - All of the people who worked on and built our project were fantastic and really worked together as a team. We had some complicated framing, and the people Ian used were absolute craftsmen. The same was true for all the other trades used.
In every aspect of this project, Ian Hublitz and Green Mountain Construction exceeded our expectations. This was by far the best building experience we have had, and we have Green Mountain and Ian to thank.
— Doug and Louisa Ballard / Flagstaff


There’s an adage in the construction world that Time, Cost, and Quality are the three essential elements of any construction project. To have a successful project, it takes a maestro to balance these effectively.I can say without hesitation that Green Mountain Construction, with Ian Hublitz as President, has mastered the art of being that maestro on a construction project. Ian’s clear and constant communication was an unexpected gift. I never had any doubts or lingering questions. The final result was exceptional, not just in my mind, but to the eyes of the 39 people who toured the project during the Coconino County Sustainable Building Tour in Fall of 2013. Each and every one said “wow”! I don’t say this lightly, as I have been a construction industry professional for almost 30 years. Green Mountain Construction completed my project on time, within the agreed upon budget, with an end result that exceed my expectations. Thank you Ian!
— Susan J. Thomas, M.Adm., LEED ® A.P., C.P.C. / Flagstaff


A big “Thank you!” to Architectural Builders of Northern Arizona and Green Mountain Construction. Not only did you do an excellent job on our remodel (we continue to get many compliments) but you did it ahead of schedule, under budget, and your were very enjoyable to work with. Now how often does that happen?
— The Hutchinsons / Flagstaff

Let me give you you two words to describe our experience with Green Mountain Construction. Professional. Committed. Ian and his team remodeled two bathrooms in our Sedona home, transforming them from dated and impractical to contemporary and extraordinary. In addition to helping us with design and construction, Ian kept us fully informed on the progress being made, assisted with the purchase of fixtures and tile, and, at every step of the project personally managed the construction and contractors. We know from experience that such care and attention from a contractor can be rare, and we are thrilled with the final product.
— Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn and Robert Easton / Sedona

Thank you and a job well done. The more time we spend in our remodel the more we love it. Green Mountain Construction took a pretty shabby dwelling and turned it into a showplace. We get so many compliments on our new home. What we appreciate most is the attention to detail, Green Mountain Construction surpassed all our hopes for our home. Green Mountain Construction has a level of integrity that is hard to find in a contractor in Flagstaff, committed to green construction and trying to do the “right thing” is not the easiest. I would never do another remodel without contacting Green Mountain Construction first.
— Jackie Dierks-Walker, Ph.D. & Stephen G. Walker, Professor / Sedona

We had an excellent experience with Green Mountain Construction. Our remodel included several salvaged/restored elements that we wanted to incorporate. Ian Hublitz and Project Foreman Dave Barsickow really took the time to communicate with us beforehand and as the project evolved, so that they had a clear idea of what we envisioned for the space, and how we needed it to function. Every time we had a decision to make, they explained all of our options (costs, functionality, timeline, etc.) The result: we ended up with a space that we love, and right on budget.

Ian Hublitz has built strong working relationships with a large network of tradespeople, all of whom maintain the same standards of professionalism and commitment to quality that he does. And when a specialist is needed, he knows who can do the job. Custom hardware to hang non-standard sized barn doors in front of a non-standard opening? No problem. Fusing an antique brass knob to another metal? “Brazing. We know someone who can do that.” Two days later the knob was back and it looks fantastic. Re-assembling my childhood bunkbed in a safe and sturdy way for my son (age 9), so that another generation can grow up with it? They fit that in too, and that was not even a part of the remodel.

Ian and Dave reused materials where possible, kept us informed on project timeline(s), and always cleaned up after a work day. For quality work done by respectful, skilled, patient, responsive people, we highly recommend Green Mountain.
— Jamie Nielsen